Ice Speed Chess Set, Challenging and Slippery


Ice Speed Chess SetChess is known as a game that tests one’s strategy skills, forward-thinking ability so as to anticipate the opponent’s moves and of course, the speed to respond to unexpected changes in one’s opponent’s tactics and plans.

What adds to the pressure of a game is the timer that records how much time each player takes to make his or her move. Now, here comes the Ice Speed Chess Set, which gives a completely new twist to a game of chess.

In the Ice Speed Chess Set, the chess pieces are made of ice, so the challenge is to complete the game before your king, queen or indeed, any of the other pieces melt. Priced at £11.99, the Ice Speed Chess Set comprises a chess board and two sets of silicone ice trays in the shape of the chess pieces.

What is not clear, though, is whether the game comes with colour that can be added to the water to make the “black” pieces. It is also not clear whether the chess board that comes with this set is designed to safely catch the melted water that will inevitably start to run off the board as the pieces start to melt.

Unless, of course, the game is being played outside when it’s snowing, or is meant only for people who spend months together at the north or south poles.

An alternative use for ice shaped as chess pieces is to add them to drinks at your next party. Even those of your guests who know nothing about chess may start being able to distinguish between bishops and pawns. Scotch on the rooks, what?

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