CarMD, Monitor Efficiency and Diagnose Car Problems


CARMDThese days, most cars come with far more computing power and capabilities than standard PCs had maybe a decade or so ago. Apart from monitoring the performance of the engine, fuel injection and so on, these on-board computers also alert the driver to possible problems.

One may know that the red light coming on in the dashboard signifies a potential problem with the brakes. The trouble, though, is that one still has to go to a mechanic to get the faulty component repaired or replaced.

Automobile mechanics tend to be mistrusted because we are not always sure that everything that was replaced did, in fact, need replacing. The doubt about whether something is being done for the car’s health or the mechanic’s financial health is often stuck at the back of one’s mind.

That’s where a gizmo like the CarMD comes in handy. It is a compact, hand-held device (5.4” x 2.3” x 1.2”) that can be plugged into the 16-pin Data Link Connector that’s usually found on the driver’s side of the car. Once it is plugged in and switched on, turn on the ignition and wait for CarMD to check all the sub-systems of your car.

After the diagnostic is done, connect the device to your computer using the USB cable. If you have installed the CarMD software on your computer (PC or Mac), the software decodes the findings of the diagnostic and produces a simple-to-understand report in English. It can even give you a pretty good estimate of the cost of the parts and labour in your post code.

Armed with all this knowledge, you can engage like a knowledgeable professional with your mechanic. The basic CarMD device and CD cost $120.

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