Striiv Pedometer, Rewarding your Steps


Striiv PedometerA few years ago, nearly everyone bought themselves a pedometer, ostensibly to keep track of how many steps they take each day. After all, doctors regularly recommend that we walk at least 10,000 steps every day to keep the body healthy. The early pedometers had to be attached to one’s belt; their electronics was often too sensitive and recorded several false positives or would not register even legitimate steps.

The key to a happy life is to not look back at the past, but instead look ahead. That’s why you should forget any unsatisfactory experiences you may have had with your old pedometers and consider buying Striiv, a new, smart pedometer that will soon be available in stores near you. Priced at $99, the Striiv, a keychain-sized device, senses and records your steps and even stairs climbed. You just need to keep the Striiv in your pocket, without worrying about where to fix it.

Those of us who don’t walk regularly can’t honestly attribute any reason other than our sloth. The Striiv does its bit to encourage help people like us along. Depending on how many steps you’ve walked, it gives you “badges”.

Remember your Grade I teacher’s encouraging “well done” notes in your notebooks? Well, the Striiv does the same, now that you’re an adult trying to avoid walking.

Striiv also encourages you to do your bit for society by enabling you to “contribute your steps” to charity through To do this, you have to connect the Striiv to your computer via a MicroUSB cable. Before you think Wi-fi, let me clarify that the Striiv does not support wireless connectivity.

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