Water Bottle Bike Lock, Convenient Security


Water Bottle Bike LockLooks can be deceptive, as anyone who has seen the Küat Racks Bottle Lock will testify. This bicycle lock looks like a lot like a water bottle but that’s where the similarity ends.

What’s inside a water bottle will help quench your thirst, while the 1.5 metres of plastic-coated 7.5 mm braided steel cable that lies coiled inside the Küat Racks Bottle Lock will only protect your bicycle from being stolen. This length of cable is adequate to lock the frame and both wheels of your bicycle.

The concept and design of this lock represent a good example of understanding what customers need. The basic functionality expected of a lock is its ability to provide high quality security. But for a moment, think about what customers face when the lock is not in use and you will realize the utility of the Bottle Lock.

It isn’t always easy to carry a large, heavy lock in your backpack; neither is a bicycle lock something that will fit into a pocket. The obvious option is to use locks that can remain fixed on the bicycle itself.

However, that will require chains or brackets that will not look very elegant. It is this set of needs that the Küat Racks Bottle Lock so brilliantly satisfies.

The built-in lock comes with two keys. As with any other lock, it’s a good idea to keep the duplicate safely at home or in some other safe place. The Bottle Lock is priced at $34 and its available from Kuat Rack’s Online Store from November 1st.

Bike Locked Up

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