Snowball Gun, the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster


Arctic Force Snowball BlasterWhen spring comes, can winter be far behind? Come on, cheer up! Winter is not just about cold and gloomy afternoons or losing one’s tan, is it? It’s also a time to have fun in the snow, provided you live in a part of the world where it does snow in winter. You can build snowmen, and watch them melt away after a few days.

You can also make snowballs and get into snowball fights with your friends or children. Admittedly, throwing snowballs at one another was far more fun when you were ten years old than when you’re forty.

But age need not dull your snowball-throwing power or accuracy. Get yourself the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster and you could again become snowball king or queen. The Arctic Force Snowball Blaster is priced at £24.99.

In terms of design, it’s akin to a catapult or slingshot. A scoop-like cup holds the snowball in place as you pull back the rubber straps, aim the blaster in the direction of the target and release the straps. All you have to do is feed in handfuls of snow, and let the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster make 3 snowballs at a time for you.

It is lightweight and easy to handle, which gives you extra agility and tactical advantage. Its real strength is that it can shoot snowballs over a distance of 80 feet.

But please warn your children not to aim at each other’s faces, as it can be dangerous. It’s probably best to use the target that comes with the blaster.

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