Monolith iPhone 4 Projector and Case


Monolith iPhone 4 Case ProjectorCreative thinking is all about being open to possibilities. Quick, what do you see when you see your iPhone case? If you’re like 99% of humans, you’ll see a protective covering for your favourite gadget. Luckily, the world also has the remaining 1%, who, to paraphrase Robert Kennedy, look at things and ask why not, and not why.

One such inspired mind at Century, the Japanese maker of accessories for gadgets, asked himself or herself why the case can’t be combined with a projector and battery pack. Thus was born the Monolith casing for the iPhone 4. The Monolith case is priced at around $260 but may not yet be available outside Japan.

The projector can project 640×360 pixel resolution images over a distance of 60 cm with brightness of 12 lumens and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The 1900mAH battery takes four hours to charge. Once charged, it can power the projector for three hours. You can also use this battery to charge your iPhone. According to the manufacturers, you can get 50% more power for your iPhone by using this battery.

Why would you want a portable mobile projector? Put on your thinking caps and I’m sure you’ll come up with some uses. Here’s one to get you thinking. You’re looking for ways to explain your logo concept to a creative team at an agency.

You aren’t very creative yourself, so sketching it is out of the question. But you were inspired by a similar logo that you were smart enough to photograph. Get the picture?

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