Hot Boots, Microwaveable Footwear for Cold Winter Nights


Hot BootsFor many of us, winter is just around the corner, which is why it’s a good time to start thinking of ways to keep warm. We’ve known for years that keeping our feet warm is a simple but effective way to keep the cold away. Many of us probably already have slippers lined with fur or similar material. Some of us also have the luxury of a fireplace at home.

But a traditional fireplace is not environmentally friendly, while an electric fireplace, though smokeless, consumes lots of electricity. That’s where technological innovations come to our rescue. You can buy yourself a pair of Hot Boots for £16.99. These are foot-warmers with a difference.

Just before you need to use them, just pop them into your microwave oven for less than a couple of minutes. Take them out, put your feet in and quickly find yourself a comfortable chair to sit in. Personally, I’d like a nice book to read and maybe a drink; although watching a cricket or tennis match seated in front of a television can be just as nice on a cold winter evening.

To be honest, though, most of us have only one microwave oven and that appliance is used primarily for cooking and heating. Therefore, using that same oven to warm footwear can make some of us squeamish. But I suppose bacteria and viruses can’t withstand the strong energy levels inside a microwave oven and so there isn’t that much risk, if you can ignore your feelings.

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