iTar iPad Guitar, Rock you Pad


The iTarImagine turning your iPad into a guitar, or, for that matter, a drum set or a keyboard. That possibility is actually closer than you imagine, thanks to the iTar, which, at this time though, is still a “conceptual accessory” for the iPad.

The iTar could perhaps have been given a name that sounds less like it’s some kind of anti-nicotine product. But what’s in a name, as the bard from Stratford so wisely asked all those years ago? A button-based guitar fret board that is based on Starr Labs fingerboard patent acts as an iPad dock.

Plug in an iPad and you have at your disposal, a range of musical instruments, such as a guitar, drums and even the synthesiser. You can easily conceive of other potential applications for the iTar.

For example, you can use it in interactive gaming or music-mixing. One day maybe people will even learn to play the guitar on an iTar.

Money may not make the world go round, but it’s definitely what will help make the iTar a real accessory. How soon the iTar moves from the realm of concept to the world of reality is based on the iTar team’s ability to raise $50K. You can have a look at their progress here

They have launched their Kickstarter fund-raising campaign to raise the necessary money by the end of November. Thus far, the campaign has been able to raise around 10% of the targeted amount.

Contribute a minimum of $200 and the iTar could be yours once it becomes reality. The more you contribute, the more uniquely you are celebrated.

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