Cats Turntable, DJ Scratch


DJ Cat Scratch TurntableOne of the disadvantages of having cats for pets is their inherent tendency to scratch. If only they scratched outside the house, against the bark of trees or something similar, there’s not much to worry about. The trouble is they also tend to scratch when they’re inside the house.

Expensive sofas, wooden furniture, and perhaps even electronic gadgets are all fair game. Cat owners may well consider this to be the price they pay for the joy of having a pet cat at home. But it surely can’t dull the pain of having one’s things scarred by scratch marks all across one’s home.

So far, there’s probably not been much that you could do about it except grin and bear it. Maybe there’s good news for you in the form of the DJ Cat Scratch Turntable. It’s made of 100% cardboard, and designed to look like a turntable.

It’s also meant to let your beloved kitty cat scratch on it. It’s quite large, though, measuring 15.25”x13.75”x5.75”, which means you better have enough space for it at home.

The cardboard will let your cat sharpen its claws and experience the pleasure felines derive from scratching. It will also allow your pet to spin the “disc”. Imagine what a cool picture that would make for you to show off to your friends your pet’s remarkable skills as a DJ.

The DJ Cat Scratch Turntable is priced at $34.99. But that’s a relatively small price to pay to reduce the risk of damage to your leather sofa and keep your pet cat happy at the same time, wouldn’t you say?

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