Amber Alert GPS, Know Where your Kids Are


Amber Alert GPSRemember the good old days when, as children, we played in the parks near our homes? Our only worries then were perhaps were our own sporting skills, physical endurance and maybe the neighbourhood bully. Sadly, life for our children has become a lot more complex and a lot less safe.

If you’re a parent who is worried about your child’s safety, consider buying the Amber Alert GPS V3 child tracking device, which, in partnership with AT&T, helps keep your child safe. Using GPS technology, the V3 keeps you notified of your child’s current location.

You can create “zones” and the device alerts you via a text (SMS) or email whenever your child enters or exits a zone. You can define these zones to be a certain area around your home, the park or playground nearby, or even your child’s school.

Additional safety is provided by an SOS button that you train your child to press if s/he is in any kind of trouble. Pressing the button immediately tells you the location of the child and you can initiate necessary action. The V3 also has a speed alert that is triggered whenever the child is in a vehicle traveling faster than the specified speed.

It also offers “bread crumbing”, which allows the child’s movements to be tracked at specific intervals. The V3 has integrated its tracking with the National Sex Offender database, so that it is able to alert you should your child be within 500 feet of a registered sex offender’s home.

Of course, you should be alert to the risk of false positives and the risk of a network outage on AT&T.

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