World’s Most Expensive Camper, the Marchi Mobile


Luxury Camper, Marchi MobileWhen the Beatles declared that “money can’t buy me love”, many heads around the world nodded in agreement. But then there was no Marchi Mobile luxury camper on the market when those immortal lines were first sung.

No longer is luxury limited to private jets or yachts. With new luxury caravans available, even road travel can be undertaken in the lap of luxury. The Marchi Mobile effortlessly combines luxury and space through its ingenious, futuristic design. Need extra space inside? No problem. The Marchi Mobile luxury camper offers 30 square metres of space. Most of the tables and furniture are retractable, giving you flexibility of space.

When on holiday, if you wish to connect with the world, you have a choice of satellite television or the internet. The integrated communications and location system means you’ll hardly ever be lost even in a remote corner of your next holiday destination.

This luxury camper comes with a mini-kitchen, as also a bathroom with shower corner. It is equipped with six lounge chairs that can give you a decent massage if you’re in the mood. A bar, multi-media system and adjustable lighting complete the list of luxurious trappings this camper offers.

From the outside too, this double decker caravan looks unique. The driver’s cab is no slouch either. It is slightly elevated for superior road visibility and comes with a circular windscreen and single arm wiper.

A 510 HP engine with automatic transmission, 28 inch alloy wheels and powerful shock absorbers combine to give you a smooth ride wherever it is that you’re headed. With this vehicle, you surely have the ticket to ride!

The price is also pretty spectacular at $2.9 Million (£1.9 Million) it’s earned the title of the worlds most expensive camper.

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