Lamborghini Watch, the AV-L001 by Adriano Valente


Lamborghini av-l001  WatchWant to buy a Lamborghini for $35,100? No, I am not joking. But then, it’s not what you think either. On offer at this price is a watch. OK, a timepiece if you prefer to call it that. The AV-L001, created by Adriano Valente, is a limited edition watch that is inspired by Lamborghini cars.

The body of this range of watches is made of Karbonyte, a composite made of carbon fibre. The bodies are available in six bright colours, although all of them have black dials. Even the names of the six colours are rather intriguing. The colours are Nero Tartarus, Giallo Hyperion, Rosso Eos, Grigio menoetius, Bianco Ophian and Green Icaria.

The inspiration from Lamborghini extends to the use of titanium and aluminium in various components; after all, both these are used quite extensively in a Lamborghini car as well.

The dial itself is designed like a speedometer. The figures 3, 6 and 9 are in Arabic numerals in the same colour as the body, while all the other numerals indicate minutes in multiples of five.

The date is displayed where 12 should be. The movement used in these watches is specially designed, and based on the mechanical Engine 001 movement.

Like their inspiration, the Lamborghini, these watches are rugged too, protected by an anti-reflective and scratch resistant sapphire crystal cover. The rubberised strap has a stitching pattern that is similar to the one on the main casing of the watch.

At $31500 each, of course, these watches are expensive. But then they’re probably also meant for people who drive Lamborghinis, and not the hoi polloi.

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