iPhone 4S Keyboard, Keystone Eco Slider


Keyston Eco Slider KeyboardSo much has happened to Apple and its fans in the past two weeks. Steve Jobs died. A few days later, the Apple iPhone 4S was launched. Critics opined that the iPhone 4S wasn’t much different from its predecessor, apart from Siri. And yet, Apple’s latest offering sold a million units in the first 24 hours of its launch.

As might be expected, accessories have started hitting the market. One such accessory is the Keystone Eco Slider keyboard, priced at $49.99. It can be easily connected to the iPhone 4S via Bluetooth to give you the comfort of a real keyboard.

Many won’t admit it, but using a virtual keyboard to type all those emails on a relatively small screen is not always fun.

Executives who rely on their iPhone 4S to send lengthy, work-related emails will, in particular, be thrilled with this accessory. The sliding keyboard can be hidden under the phone case when not in use.

When you’re ready to type that email or text message, slide the eco slider keyboard out and power it on. Then, switch on the pairing button on the side and make sure you’ve enabled Bluetooth on your iPhone. Sit back and watch, as electromagnetic waves invisibly pair the two devices.

But before you can start typing, you will need to type on the keyboard the 4 digit pin that appears on the phone’s screen. The keyboard is powered by a battery that can be recharged via the USB port. On a full charge, the keyboard is believed to deliver 30 working hours. That’s a lot of mails for sure!

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