Ultrasound for Smartphones, the MobiUS


MobiUS Ultrasound Device For SmartphonesMobisante, the mobile-health company, recently let rip a big sigh of relief when it finally announced that its new smartphone ultrasound product had been officially released into the public domain.

While this is good news for many people, the only issue is the price, which is likely to put many potential purchasers off. Selling at $7,495, you could purchase a decent size second-hand car for less.

The United States Food and Drug Administration took a great deal of time to give clearance to this product. This now means that the MobiUS system which was initially built to be used for abdominal, cardiac, fetal, peripheral and pelvic vessel images operates with the Toshiba TG01 Smartphone, including Windows Mobile 6.5, which is two years old.

This could be a potential problem for some customers who have already spent a crazy amount of cash on something that does not even have all the latest features. Indeed, for a price of $7,495, the least that a customer would expect is for the product to include the latest technology. Though at this price, the gadget should be virtually flawless in every regard.

It will be difficult to determine what kind of reception the MobiUS product will have in the future. Many people cling to their Android and iPhone handsets and have little need to revert to other, significantly more expensive products.

It does make you wonder why there is so much red tape when it comes to health-services products, and whether or not this could be reduced in the future.

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