Blue Wii, Mario and Sonic Unite


Blue Sega Themed WiiNintendo recently issued the Blue Sega Themed Wii, which includes a London 2012 Olympics Maria & Sonic bundle. Anyone who used the Nintendo or the Sega in the past will remember playing the Super Mario Bros games and how they often struggled to win and get through the Casino Zone in Sonic 2.

The Sonic games have been a feature of the Nintendo console for many years, although the Sonic blue Wii is an unusual step. The new Wii is new, if slightly crippled (since it does not offer Wi-Fi or any Gamecube games to try), although it does provide an excellent opportunity for people to get excited about the London Olympics next year.

Particularly for people who did not fancy buying tickets for the crowded stadiums and for those who were unsuccessful when they tried to buy their tickets online. Anyone who was growing up in the 1980s, however, may find the Blue Sega-Themed Wii a bad move from profit-obsessed Nintendo.

The Blue Sega-Themed Wii includes a sticker sheet, although it is not known whether or not Nintendo will seek to make Sonic a permanent feature of the Wii. This new product is likely to receive a certain amount of criticism from avid Nintendo fans.

Its success will mostly depend on whether it receives enough merit from new Nintendo owners to outstrip the disapproval that many older Nintendo fans will express with this new novelty. The product will be available to purchase in Europe by November 18th.

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