AshPoopie Dog Waste to Ashes


AshPoopie Dog Doo AshesDog fouling has been a problem for quadruped owners for as long as dogs have been domestic pets. However, fear not because there is a new invention that promises to transform your poodle’s waste into ashes.

It could help owners who find the task of cleaning up after their dog’s time-consuming call of nature too unpleasant, whilst also improving the cleanliness of areas that are often frequented by dogs.

Created by the scientist Oded Shoesyov, the AshPoopie aims to reduce the amount of plastic bags that usually end up being thrown in litter bins across the world. With its built-in pooper scooper feature to pick up all of the nasty material, the AshPoopie mixes this with other contents before transforming it all into ash.

Just like magic, abracadabra Harry Potter fans! The device is relatively portable to be used for walkies and it can also be extremely convenient for people who want to keep their back gardens clean and presentable.

The company behind the AshPoopie is Paulee Cleantec, which is expected to reveal the product in Orlando, Florida, in February 2012. In the future this new technology could also expand into the cat market, perhaps even to help manage human toilets.

It will be interesting to know if there will be any special versions of the AshPoopie, such as a product tailored for very small dogs like Chihuahuas or enormous dogs like Great Danes.

When it comes down to the AshPoopie or the Toilet Bike Neo, it is clear that in the future, waste should never go to waste!

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