Smartphone Robot, the Romo with Apps for New Tricks


Romo Spy RobotEven when we are completely unaware of it, the fact is most people carry around a computer that has the technology of a robot. What we are talking about is of course the Smartphone.

Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen, an engineering duo responsible for Romotive, quit their jobs to establishing a business venture that led to the creation of the Smartphone-powered robot, Romo. The engineers are taking their innovative design to Kickstarter, which claims their product is ‘highly functional’ and ‘accessible’ with ‘flexible robotics platforms’.

Essentially, what Romo does is transform the Smartphone into a robotic brain. This platform creates movement, physical actions and accessories to the Smartphone, which is achieved by placing a phone above the robot and plugging it into the Smartphone’s headphone jack. Romo also has a Lithium-Ion battery that is fully rechargeable, in addition to a USB cable with an analogue circuitry containing two motor outputs.

With all of the new hardware modules and additional apps, this product can grow and adapt easily. Gizmo owners can also update the Romo as often as they like, keeping in line with all of the developments in the world of apps.

Another benefit of this product is software that can be downloaded from the Android and iTunes App Store, which means there is literally no limit to its programming.

So far, Roma offers three apps, which include Rom Kart, RomoRemote and the Drag and Drop Programmable Module. The Romo allows people to make ‘audio shout-outs’ and with the Romo Kart users can even race against their friends in what is described as a ‘mixed-reality’ version of Mario-Kart.

Watch this video to see some of the apps in action:

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