McIntosh MC275 Amplifier, 50th Anniversary Limited Edition


McIntosh Gold Plated MC275 AmplifierWith its excellent and innovative features, the McIntosh gold-plated Amplifier will turn people into audiophiles. While the typical Gadget Wiki reader is unlikely to part with $6,500 to purchase the MC275 tube power amplifier of the McIntosh 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, it’s hard not to praise the beautiful specifications of this product.

However, most people would be fairly reluctant to buy the amplifier for such a high price, at least without a great deal of careful thought. For the money, it is best suited for people who know they will want to use this gadget regularly in their homes.

This limited edition version is a classy and elegant design, which comes complete with wonderful vacuum tubes and its extra gold will outshine any other item in your home. This amp has been in use since the early 1960s, although updated versions offer special features that were not included in the older ones. For example, the Sentry Monitor circuit will shut down the amp in the event that a tube begins to wear out.

The input and output options for the Power Control allow for this product to be turned on or off with the use of a cable connector to other McIntosh products, like the preamp.

The McIntosh gold-plated MC275 Amplifier also boasts a multi-colour LED feature, which shows the levels. This is not something that people would have expected back in the swinging ‘60s, that’s for sure!

The anniversary edition for the McIntosh MC275 is expected to become available by December, so keep your lug holes peeled back in glorious anticipation!

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