India Releases $35 Computer, the Aakash Tablet


UbiSlate 7 35 Dollar TabletRecently, the Indian government said it was working on developing a $10 laptop to help expand education and technological resources to the country’s poorest citizens. However, somewhere during this journey, this plan changed.

What they came up with was neither a laptop nor was it priced at just $10. What resulted was the Aakash, which is a tablet that can be purchased for $35.

The Aakash, which is the Hindi word for sky, uses the Android 2.2 and offers a 7 inch resistive touch screen containing a resolution of 800 x 480. The device also has 256MB of RAM, a 366Mhz CPU and a further 2GB of internal memory in addition to a battery lasting for a maximum of 3 hours between each charge. While boasting Wi-Fi connections, there is no 3G service unless the customer purchases a dongle.

While these specifications may be disappointing, at least for people who are expecting more features, the main benefit of the Aakash is that it offers two USB ports and also has a microSD slot.

This product can play HD videos with its special integrated video processor, which is impressive considering that the manufacturer’s price is just $45 apiece. Better news for teachers and students is that the Indian government will subsidise a portion of the cost, which will mean they will only pay $35 for the product.

It may not be considered a proper laptop, although for the price it is fair to say the Aakash is an impressive feat. Now the giant fruits from Apple may have to think about including microSD slots for its products in the future.

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