iModela 3D Printer, Great Fun for Kids and Grown-Ups


iModela USB 3D PrinterWith the iModela USB 3D printer, proud owners can create their very own 3D figures. Before recently, 3D printers were far too expensive for most people to afford. Thankfully, their price has been dropping to the extent that enthusiasts and serious amateurs have been able to save up for them over time.

We recently looked at the Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer from Makerbot Industries which was priced at around $1299

Today, even children have been targeted with new products, such as the $800 Origo, which is aimed at 10-year-olds.

The iModela is available to purchase for a price of approximately $1,000, which is still too expensive for many people. However, one of the key benefits of this product is that it’s relatively small, which means it will fit quite easily next to a PC on an office desk. The iModela also uses a USB connection for accessing the software for the 3D models, which makes it an excellent accompaniment to a PC.

One of the major selling points of this product is that it is capable of printing action figures and collectibles, such as Pokémon characters. With the special design software, children and adults can create their own characters and unique 3D creations as well.

The iModela printer uses plastic, wax and balsa wood, including foam to create the figures. The printing appears to be the easy part, since there is a certain level of skill required when applying the paint to achieve a professional finish.

It may be a little slow or cumbersome, however in a few years the price of this product could be slashed to just $100, while operating at 10 times the current speed.

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