Wearable Sleeping Bag, the Selk’Bag


Selk Bag Wearable Sleeping BagsThe Selk’Bag sleeping bag is a great product for anyone who is looking for something more comfortable to sleep in when they go on a camping holiday out of the summer season.

It is particularly handy for those cold autumn and winter mornings, when traditional sleeping bags may not offer enough protection from the low temperatures at night.

The Selk-Bag Wearable Sleeping Bag includes nylon shoes, which feature anti-slip pads for the feet as well as a quick-release closure for the arms. It also includes a drawstring opening for the hood, in addition to insulated draft tubes designed for the zippers and the neck.

Merry campers who have indulged in a lot of camp site mayhem may have noticed that on a chilly morning their fellow campers wear their sleeping bags like dressing gowns.

With the Selk-Bag sleeping bag, enthusiasts can wear their sleeping bags even when they are standing up. This product also includes a children’s version, which has a front kangaroo pocket. There is also a new model with better insulation that will be released with detachable feet, allowing purchasers to wear their footwear inside the bag.

The Selk-Bag sleeping bag, which is also called the Musuc’Bag, is available to purchase at a number of outdoor shops as well as online retailers. The company behind the product, Classic, expects the product to sell at $149 dollars on the American Distributor website.

People who like the idea of using a sleeping bag that they can wear as general clothing should also consider the JackPak.

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