Red Epic Octocopter Delivers Amazing Camera Angles


Red Epic OctocopterThe Red Epic Octocopter, boasting an impressive 5k resolution, is the latest addition to the prestigious RED brand. These are the cameras that are often used for filming major Hollywood films and are praised for their excellent specifications.

Without this kind of technology, it would be almost impossible to achieve the kind of quality and clarity filming high above the ground with conventional cameras and camcorders. With the Red Epic Octocopter, cameras receive a bird’s eye view of the ground.

The Red Epic Octocopter was produced in Germany’s OM Studios by leading experts. The main obstacle that many people will face with the Red Epic Octocopter is of course the price.

Indeed, it’s very possible to buy a brand new car for the same price as an Epic camera! However, this model still works out cheaper than many of the more high-end cameras in the 35mm and 70mm range. The Red Epic Octocopter has eight motors and propellers operating beneath the copter.

The copter flies to an impressive height of 150 metres (don’t look now if you suffer from heights), while still recording movies in superb clarity. For anyone who believes they could afford this product, they should think about the expenses of the repair bill though, if the product becomes damaged.

The price of the Red Epic Octocopter is not yet known, although there is a looming question – will the vast majority of individuals be able to afford it? Most people who purchase a product of this calibre will probably want to use it for commercial reasons, using it to create films to make a return on the price they initially paid for it.

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