Wireless Internet Radio with the Livio Bluetooth Kit


Livio Kit Wireless Internet RadioAnyone who owns an iPhone will know that there are plenty of apps that allow users to listen to Internet radio from their devices. However, if you spend most of your time listening to the radio when driving, you should consider purchasing the Livio Radio Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit.

As an important connection device between the iPhone and your car, it receives wireless internet signals from a phone before relaying it to the car stereo’s FM receiver.

The Livio Radio Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit includes a special transmitter/controller, which is next to a gooseneck attachment that is plugged into the car’s adapter. The product will locate all of the available frequencies on the FM receiver before the person tunes in.

When the iPhone is connected to the device, you can download the free Car Internet Radio App, which contains more than 45,000 stations to choose from. All you have to do is use your phone inside the car while you run the application, which will allow you to stream a station of choice with the transmitter.

The device’s controls also make it easy for you to search for your favourite internet radio stations or songs from the phone’s MP3 files. The device can be used for phone calls with the built-in-mic and users can also charge their phones with the USB charger that is supplied.

The Bluetooth Internet Radio Car Kit is currently available to purchase for a price of $119.99 and can be found by browsing the Livio Radio website.

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