Kids Tricycle, the Sibling


Sibling TricycleThe Sibling Tricycle, priced at $299.99 is an excellent product for people who are looking for something that is convenient and requires low maintenance.

With the Sibling Tricycle, parents can keep an eye on two children simultaneously, which basically means that two hard jobs are reduced to one. Families will not need to buy a new bicycle for quite some time, since this product has been constructed with excellent stability and comfort that should remain suitable for kids in the long run – even when they are going through their rapid growth spurts.

The Sibling Tricycle also comes complete with a wooden cargo box, which is situated to the rear of the rider’s seat. This allows parents to store away their kiddies’ toys, food and other large items, although it may not be suitable for a third child! The storage space is perfect for a day out in the countryside or a family picnic at the park.

After purchasing this product, parents should note that there is a fair amount of assembling required before they can start using the product. Anyone who has a fear of DIY tasks or little experience in constructing bikes from scratch may prefer to ask a more skilled individual to do the job for them.

While the price tag may be a little on the high side, particularly for families on a lower budget, the Sibling Tricycle could be a worthy investment for parents who would otherwise spend more on purchasing two separate bikes.

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