Evolve Recumbent Trike, Easily Folds Up Without Tools


Evolve Recumbent TrikeThe new Evolve recumbent trike is the ideal product for bicycle users who are looking for something that is quirky and offers them greater stability. What makes the Evolve model stand out, however, is that it folds up in just seconds.

Compared to other standard recumbent trikes, which can be a nightmare to carry up escalators or store in the car boot, the Evolve recumbent trike is a breath of fresh air with its convenient features. Other trikes can fold up smaller and more speedily to be used without having to be disassembled or re-folded, minus the need for tools.

But it takes Evolve just 13 seconds to do all this when it is folded into the boot of a car and in just 18 seconds this product can be fitted into a large suitcase. Better still, future gadget purchasers who want to fold it just so they can get through the door can achieve this in an amazing 6 seconds.

In terms of performance the Evolve recumbent trike remains stable at speeds of more than 50 mph or 80.5 km/h. The only problem is that this product is not yet for sale. The manufacturers are still conducting experiments with different components to determine the final product that will go to market.

Although the weight of the prototype version is 40 pounds or 18 kilograms, it is anticipated that this figure should drop when the final model is released. As the product is not yet on the market, the price of the Evolve Recumbent Trike is unknown.

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