iPod Nano Icon Watch Band


iPod Nano Icon Watch BandThe new iPod Nano, which is now supported by HEX with the polycarbonate Icon band, was recently introduced to the market and has attracted the attention of many other companies, which are trying to steal a slice of the pie.

They have been trying to take advantage of this highly profitable niche by coming up with new accessories for the Apple media player, which is one of the most successful products of the last decade. HEX recently included the new HEX Icon watch band, which is described as an ideal accessory for the new generation iPod Nano.

HEX has literally been clinging to the Apple brand for years and is continuing to reinvent its list of Icon watch bands for the technology giant. The HEX Icon watch band is perfect for placing around your wrist while you choose between 16 different clocks on the new Nano.

The product also contains integrated buttons and also offers easy access to the new 30-pin connector of the iPod Nano, which is compatible with a number of other popular accessories.

People can choose from a total of five colours with the HEX Icon watch band, including white, black, green, blue and purple. Purchasers can also buy the HEX Icon watch band with a ceramic-life appearance, which gives a little more detail to this timepiece and may appeal to those who prefer a more stylish and sophisticated design to wear on their wrist. The product is currently on sale for $39.95 a piece and can be purchased online at the Hex Store.

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