TomTom GO Live Top Gear Edition


TomTom GO Live Top Gear EditionOh yes, can’t you just hear the dulcet tones of Jeremy Clarkson ringing around you? Well, love him or hate him and his fellow presenters on the famously successful BBC Top Gear programme, fans are definitely going to speed down to Halfords to buy this nifty TomTom GO Live Top Gear Edition sat nav.

In this special satellite navigation gizmo that’s been developed and released by the well known TomTom chaps it will guide any driver around the stress and maze of roads that presents itself via the inbuilt voice of Mr Clarkson. Where motorists are the strong and silent type, the Stig mode option can easily be engaged to give silent running, leaving drivers free to concentrate on the job at hand.

Skidding in at a price of nearly £180, the TomTom GO Live Top Gear satellite navigation unit will also come complete with twelve month’s worth of TomTom updates and their live services for traffic. The service automatically updates itself every 120 seconds and enables motorists to safely navigate around congestion, blocks in the road and intelligently keeps an eye on levels of current traffic whilst giving workaround routes to avoid accidents or road works.

This Clarkson enabled technology comes pre-installed with all the local weather services a driver needs, as well as a mandatory collection of maps to enable navigation around Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Navigation enabled assistants are also on tap in the unit and it also boasts an integrated bluetooth aerial that allows the Live Traffic updates to wirelessly be delivered, as well as giving assistance to avoid speed camera (sorry, safety camera!) traps.

Only available to purchase via the motoring chain Halfords, motorists can also choose from alternative units that have been developed for other European countries. We’re just wondering when Messrs May and Hammond are going to get a look in!


The Top Dear Edition deal has been scrapped; the BBC is calling it a “monumental cock-up” apparently due to a conflict of interest. The BBC has a guideline which states presenters must not endorse any service or product which could be featured in programmes on which they work.

However if your quick you can still pick up one of these beauties as 54,000 of the Top Gear Edition TomTom’s have already been produced and shipped to Halfords stores. The BBC allowed TomTom to start delivery before they had finalised the deal – oops.

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