Find Hidden Cameras with the Spy Finder Personal Detector


Spy Finder Personal Hidden Camera DetectorDo you feel watched and feel the need to look over your shoulder from time to time? Perhaps you have that distinct and uneasy feeling that somewhere, somehow, someone is keeping their beady set of eyes on you? Well, who knows, perhaps there is a tiny video camera trained on your very spot right now, monitoring every move and checking you out covertly!

Here to solve your woes though (or paranoia!), is the Spy Finder Personal Hidden Camera Detector. The SpyFinder® is a very simple to operate gadget that is discreet but effective and it’s priced at around $100. This is the only detecting device that’s currently available to purchase for budding spy hunters that can also alert the user to cameras in a location that are not engaged within any operations.

The SpyFinder® is able to swiftly find both wired and wireless camera gizmos on demand and by peeking through its view finding piece, owners can spot the exact location of the cameras in question.

It’s very straightforward to use, just take an eyeball and place on the viewfinder. Then activate the LED operation via the button and manoeuvre the camera around the required area to engage the scanning technology, peeking as you go. The Spy Finder will show cameras by displaying them brightly with surrounding reflection and if the glare doesn’t move, then it’s quite probable you’ve found a camera that’s been hidden!

Easily operated via two AAA batteries, this gizmo is maintenance free and will be effective in finding lots of cameras, from digital, camcorder, auto-focus and even CCTV.

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