Reduced Under Eye Bags with the Eye Slack Haruka


Eye Slack Haruka Combat Eye BagsWell, we reckon Ms Lara Croft would have loved these little chaps to perfectly partner with her combat trousers and assertive female image. But, for the modern girl (or guy!), the Eye Slack Haruka, combat eye bags could be just the thing you seek to soothe those tired eyes.

Folks who are keen in burning the candle at both ends will know only too well that sooner or later their short periods of sleep will catch up with them and inevitably lead to commonly experienced bags and sagging under the eyes.

It’s a dead giveaway really and unless the tired individual in question liberally coats their face in copious amounts of war paint, make up or other disguises such as sunglasses, there’s really no hiding the fact.

The Japanese invention of the Eye Slack Haruka is set to change bleary looks everywhere as these little numbers can be carefully positioned under the eyes for just three minutes of daily use.

The massaging action within the technology from the guys over in Japan is claimed to help with eye skin that has sagged uncontrollably. Forget cold spoons on the eyeballs or cucumber slices that fall off, just lay back, relax and enjoy the heated vibrations that emit from the combat eye bags.

The device comes with a dual offering of modes that can be chosen to help with required treatment of the wearer, worn defiantly in the face of skin that sags and hangs low.

Possibly solving the problem then that has plagued millions everywhere, this device can simply energise your face by using its two integrated CR2032 batteries. Available to purchase via the Japan Trend Shop it will cost around $130, but just remember though, this isn’t a replacement for the mandatory 8 hours sleep a night. We recommend you get your head down, eyes shut and dream those eye bags away!

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