Eco Design for Kuwait International Airport


Eco Design Kuwait International AirportThe world has gone totally green and eco friendly lately, all for good reason too as Mother Earth has really been feeling the strain in doing her job effectively. Joining the eco awareness around the world is Kuwait International Airport who are now looking to construct a newly designed and pretty sleek looking complex and facilities for Kuwait International Airport.

The company working behind the scenes like ferrets to bring the design plans into reality are Foster & Partners, who are the architects responsible for the new Apple commissioned building.

The team responsible for the new eco-friendly look and use that the airport in Kuwait could have in the future feel the plans provide an airport that will operate in harmony with the environment of the land. Kuwait is a hot and sunny place to inhabit and Foster & Partners feel their design has stemmed from inspiration provided by local constructions and materials available in Kuwait.

The new design will consist of a triple ‘blade’ of winged pieces that have all been symmetrically placed and will be entirely aerodynamic in construction, featuring a roof that is over eighty feet high in parts.

The Airport’s walls will also stretch out as far as three quarters of a mile and be housed with windows that have been coated with a glaze to protect from sun radiation and provide light filtering. An ‘awning’ area too will give much needed shade to its initial 13 million passengers and many employees.

Wait for luggage in style and enjoy the surrounding water features which will hopefully soothe tired passengers, easing sometimes unbearably long delays for baggage to roll down the conveyer belt. Airport users can be content in knowing that the building they are using recycles energising rays from the sun through its massive solar panel segments.

Kuwait International Airport is aiming for a LEED Gold appraisal award, the ultimate green eco badge, which if achieved will see them become the very first airport terminal globally to attain such a coveted merit.

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