Smell the Action, SMELLIT Aroma Device


Smellit Aroma DeviceImagine going to the flicks to not just watch a movie but to also actually smell it. No, I am not smoking dope or anything else, for that matter. If French company Olf-action’s invention becomes popular, you may soon be able to smell movies too.

SMELLIT, as the product is called, is an aroma device. It comprises a set of canisters with different odours and fragrances. The release of the smell is synchronised with the video so that you not only see and hear, but also smell the scenes being played. Personally, though, I am not sure I’d want to smell every single scene of every movie.

Olf-action has already installed Odoravision, its synchronised smell diffusion system so your being able to experience it is not too far off in the future.

In fact, Olf-action also has systems that can be integrated with your DVD or Blu Ray home theatre systems, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy the smells associated with the movie or game right in the privacy of your home.

On Olf-action’s web site, you can find a list of fragrances and odours that are available. You can also find a list of movies that are available with the synchronised smells so that you can enjoy a truly multi-sensory experience. The movie titles listed include Saving Private Ryan, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Shutter Island.

A selection of French movie titles is also available, including Cyrano de Bergerac. I wonder if that particular movie was selected because Cyrano de Bergerac had a large nose… the better to smell with, my dear, if you catch my drift.

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