iPod Nano New Features


New iPod NanoIt was just over six years ago that the iPod nano was first launched. Every year after that, a new improved nano has been released, with the 6th generation iPod nano coming out in September 2010.

A few days ago, Apple announced that the iPod nano was being upgraded. The upgraded nano will boast of a multi-touch user interface and the icons will be larger as well.

You can choose from amongst 16 new digital clock faces, ranging from the sedate analogue classical look to Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The new iPod nano is priced at US$129 for the 8GB model. For 20 dollars more, you can get the 16GB model.

The new iPod nano makes it easier for you to get fit and stay that way and it doubles up as a pedometer, keeping track of how many steps you’ve walked. If you’re the kind that prefers a jog or a run, the nano lets you keep a record of distance, pace and time. Sometimes, we all feel a little down and come dangerously close to giving our daily walk a miss.

At times like these, the nano even motivates you to run, via a real-time voice feedback. It even gives you a choice of seven languages in which you can listen to these motivational reminders!

All this extra help for the fitness conscious without the need for any additional accessories makes the iPod nano a handy gadget that lets you combine the business of fitness with the pleasure of music.

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