JVC GC-PX10 Hybrid Camera / Video Camera


JVC GC-PX10 Hybrid Stills Video CameraThus far, most digital cameras were either primarily a still camera with video capability or a digital video camcorder that allowed you to take still pictures. JVC’s GC-PX10, labelled as a true hybrid stills and video camera, is all set to become a game changer.

It can give you 12 megapixel stills one minute and allow you to shoot full HD 1080×60 pixels video at 36Mbps the very next minute. But note that for continuous shooting, still pictures are captured at a resolution of 8.3 megapixels or 30 frames per second. You can choose to lower video quality to 640×360 VGA resolution; that way, you can record video at up to 300 frames per second.

Priced at around US$900, the GC-PX10 comes with a Minolta HD lens and a 10X Konica zoom. JVC claims that dynamic zoom up to i9X is possible without any degradation in image quality. Optical image stabilization is available, as is K2 audio technology that enables restoration of audio details that may be lost in compression.

The Intelligent Auto feature selects the best settings for your shot, depending on ambient lighting, nature of object, face recognition and so on. Integrated into the camera is Falconbird, JVC’s new high speed imaging engine.

The JVC GC-PX10 has a 3 inch tilting touch panel monitor at the rear of the camera. Many other controls are either on the front of the camera. To one side are the power button, USB 2.0 port, external microphone interface, the PASM mode dial and exposure/ focus control.

On the other side of the GC-PX10 is where JVC designers have placed the SD/SDHC/SDXC media card slot and the built-in flash. Say cheese!

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