PGA Tour Electronic Golf Scorecard


PGA Tour Electronic Golf ScorecardHell may have no fury like a woman scorned. But on earth, beware the overpowering rage of a golfing partner who discovers that s/he lost the game because of score-keeping that was less than honest.

Now, the incorrect scoring may have been a genuine mistake because you did not have a writing implement or paper handy or perhaps you forgot the score and wrote something erroneous from memory; but try telling any of that to someone who was leading and then discovers that s/he has lost.

If you have the PGA Tour Electronic Golf Scorecard, you need not worry about lack of paper or pencil. This little gadget can keep scores simultaneously for up to four players. Its LCD display is easy to read so you can tell the score with a quick glance.

It even tells you the temperature and the time, although once you are on the course and in your zone, time is probably irrelevant, isn’t it?

The PGA Tour Electronic Golf Scorecard can easily be clipped onto your golf bag. It is battery powered, and so long as it is adequately charged, you can easily get through all eighteen holes.

Provided, of course, you don’t have a horrible day at the course and end up spending half an hour on each hole. A sliding cover protects it from water and dust. The gadget is priced at £14.99, and includes free delivery.

The ability to record scores through voice-recognition maybe a useful innovation. But what would really make it invaluable would be to score you having at least a couple of holes-in-one each time you play!

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