Laser Trip Wire from Spynet


Spynet Laser Trip WireRemember those days when you were young(er?) and so deeply influenced by those spy books, TV shows and movies that you announced to all who cared to hear (and to many who probably didn’t) that you wanted to become a spy when you grow up? Spynet’s Laser Trip Wire will rekindle that spark in you. If you have kids who are at age when they want to become super spies, it will help them live their dreams.

As the name suggests, the Laser Trip Wire is essentially an alarm that goes off when someone “trips” it. At its heart is a source of a Class 1 laser beam and a receiver. An invisible beam of light originates from the source and goes to the receiver.

Whenever this beam is broken by an “intruder”, the alarm goes off and your spies can arrest the intruders. To make the toy more interesting, Spynet includes two mirror units.

These allow the original beam of light from the source to be reflected off one mirror to the other before it hits the receiver. This makes it possible for the trip wire to protect almost any room at home.

If you have a home-office and there are times when you have to leave it unattended, and worry about what nosey kids may end up doing to your work, you can easily borrow your children’s Spynet laser trip wire and set it up near your office.

At least you will get some advance warning and that minute or two may well be all you need to prevent major damage.

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