PURE Contour iPod Dock


PURE Contour iPod iPhone DockIf you’ve not been impressed by any of the iPod/iPhone docks you’ve seen so far, maybe the PURE Contour will make you change your mind.

The Contour is based on the company’s proprietary Clearsound solution and uses digital audio shaping technology to deliver dynamic audio. High quality Class D amplifiers and 3.5” speakers and dual bass ports combine to deliver 36W RMS of audio output.

Then there’s the Contour’s semi-circular shape that makes it truly distinctive. Oh, and don’t think the PURE Contour can only play music that’s stored on your iPod or iPhone. You can access FM radio stations as well.

The wi-fi connectivity it offers allows you to listen to streaming music or podcasts from your computer. You can also connect it to your television because the Contour comes with integrated composite, component and S-video out capability. This means you can watch video stored on your iPod or iPhone on your television.

Amazon is offering the PURE Contour for about US$310. At that price, it is decidedly not cheap. But then few other docks offer all these features. Then there’s also built in alarms, a stereophonic headphone socket, the ability to preset up to 40 FM stations and the Lounge feature that allows you to register your radio.

In fact, using the Contour, you can organize your favourite music lists too. It comes with a remote control facility that gives you complete control over the iPhone or iPod dock. If you buy the PURE Choice Mini USB Ethernet adapter, you also get Ethernet connectivity.

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