Automated Cat Toy, The Twitch


Twitch Automated Cat ToyWhen the cat’s away, the mice will play is something we’ve been often led to believe. But what do you do if your pet cat wants to play and you’re the one who is away?

Presuming, of course, that there are no mice in the neighbourhood and your pet feline is too well-behaved to test if your couch will hold up to its teeth and claws.

If you dare not take that risk, the US$19.99 Twitch Automated Cat Toy may be something that you should consider seriously. It is essentially a programmable toy that your cat can play with.

It has a feather, a bell and a ball that are used to attract the feline. Using its suction cup, the Twitch Cat Toy can be easily attached to most smooth surfaces at home.

At the specified time, the Twitch cat Toy randomly bounces the ball or bell or swings the feather around. If your pet cat is like most other kitty cats, it will soon learn to play with the Twitch cat Toy and have fun.

You can programme the toy for ten minute sessions through the time when you’re away, and keep the feline at home occupied. If you’re worried that your cat may be asleep and therefore miss its game, fear not! The Twitch Cat Toy is programmed to beep just before it starts its action.

Even if you’re at home, you can set the toy to single-play mode and keep your kitty busy while you soak your feet in warm water and enjoy a quiet drink or listen to soothing music before you call it a day. Here, kitty kitty!

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