Vintage iPod Dock, 1958 Style


1958 Vintage iPod iPhone DockApart from the sheer innovativeness of the product and classiness of its design, a major reason for Apple’s runaway success with the iPhone is that it has a robust ecosystem of apps and other accoutrements.

Take for example, devices to charge an iPhone or iPod or connect them to external speakers. There are so many cool, hot and funky docks already available to charge the iPhone (or iPod, for that matter) that one would not have imagined that there could be any more. But Graham Browne thought differently.

He saw an old table-top radio in the basement of an antique store in Kansas City, USA, and was struck by the possibility of using it to create a retro-looking iPhone and iPod docking unit. Browne has successfully combined the modernity of Apple devices with the look and feel of the 1958 radio.

He has used grille cloth from a Fender guitar amplifier and brushed aluminium trim to complement the original radio and created this retro-style dock. The original radio had valves, but Browne’s modified dock has LEDs instead. In fact, he plans to use RGB LEDs and microcontrollers for future builds.

Browne had to remove most of the original circuitry of the radio to accommodate the Klipsch iGroove SXT dock and other modern electronic components. He had to fabricate a new chassis and build new mounts and cradles as well.

However, Browne has managed to rig things so you can actually use the radio’s original volume controls to listen to the music stored on your iPhone or iPod via the “radio”.

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