HP All-in-One PCs


TouchSmart 520 PCAccording to market research firm IDC, the market share of all-in-one desktop devices in the commercial PC segment is expected to increase from 9.9 percent to 15.7 percent over the next year.

This trend may be behind HP’s recent announcement of seven new products in the all-in-one category. According to HP, its ongoing programme in refreshing its Omni, TouchSmart and HP Pro lines is amongst its “largest investments” in the all-in-one desktop PC market to date.

After the launch of the Omni 100 and Omni 200 earlier in the year, HP has recently launched the 20 inch Omni 120 and the 21.5 inch Omni 220.

The Omni 120 is expected to come with a choice of Intel or AMD processor; the Omni 220 is powered by Intel’s Sandy Bridge family of “Core I” processors. The starting price of the Omni 120 is US$400, while the Omni 220 starts at US$800.

Four models have been launched in the TouchSmart range. These include the 20 inch TouchSmart 320, the 21.5 inch TouchSmart 420, the 23 inch TouchSmart 520 and the 21.5 inch TouchSmart Elite 7320 HD model with an LED backlit display and choice of Intel’s i3, i5 or i7 processors.

These computers come with the Beats audio technology and touchscreen displays. The starting prices of these models vary between US$600 and US$900.

With a starting price of US$600, the HP Pro 3420 comes with a 20 inch display and is powered by an Intel Core i3 processor. It has a maximum RAM of 8GB and up to 2 terabytes of hard drive storage capacity.

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