PGA Tour Putting Mat


PGA Tour Putting MatAttention all golf widows! Whenever your husband has the sudden urge to hit the golf course when he was supposed to take to the mall for that special day out, it is time to take a stand! Make him ‘buy’ the PGA Tour Indoor & Outdoor Putting Mat for a great price of just £28.99. As long as he has £28.99 on his credit card, make him foot the bill while you do the purchasing.

Tell hubby all about the great benefits of this multipurpose product, which includes excellent storage space for all of your clothes and shoes when you drag him up and down the mall on your romantic day out. With almost two metres of green, the PGA Tour Indoor & Outdoor Putting Mat allows golfers to enjoy plenty of space to practice some throws or a dew hazards for a challenge.

Because it is a portable item, it can be used practically anywhere. Whether it is in the park, at the beach, from the comfort of a living room or even in the middle of the shopping mall, the PGA Tour Indoor & Outdoor Putting Mat is an excellent way to keep the other half happy.

This specialised product also offers a miniature target flag with simulated grass to give the golfer a more authentic experience. A ramp leading up to the hole helps golfers to improve their stroke firmness and practice their long and short shorts. Included are a water hazard and a bunker for added convenience.

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