MuteWatch, Good Vibrations


Mutewatch Wrists-onDespite appearing as a fashion bracelet, the Mutewatch wrists-on is one of the best ‘time management-tools’ available on the Internet.

With its modern look and elegant design, the product uses nine panels and a light sensor which adjusts its LED intensity when activated. Users can set their alarm with just a few taps and remove a timer from just a simple pinch.

For people who need a guaranteed alarm clock that doesn’t depend on them having a phone at their disposal or an alarm clock stuffed inside their pocket, the Mutewatch wrists-on is hard to beat.

While the battery life may not be the best in the market, the product is easy to adapt to and puts some spark into the ordinary tasks of everyday life. Unlike other devices that use touch screens, the Mutewatch depends solely on vibrations, which some people may find a welcome alternative.

With its special vibrator mode, the Mutewatch wrists-on has a SH-RT mode that involves a fast buzzing sound that changes in volume depending on how noisy the surrounding environment is.

However, when used at night time, heavy sleepers may find the Mutewatch is not quite loud enough to wake them up on time. The less enthusing aspect of this product, however, is that its current retail price is $260.

Orders typically take between five and ten weeks to be delivered, so it is probably not something to consider for people who need an alarm clock to wake them up for that early doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.Mutewatch Wrists-on

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