iPad G-Form Extreme Sleeve


iPad G Form Extreme SleeveThe G-Form Extreme Sleeve product uses G-Form’s special Reactive Protection Technology to ensure that the material of the product is soft and offers adequate protection for personal iPads. Whether it is for protection against heavy rain or from concrete surfaces, the iPad G-Form Extreme Sleeve uses PORON XRD materials to provide maximum defence against any hazards.

The product is so strong that in a situation where a brand new iPad would most likely be reduced to pieces, the Extreme Sleeve keeps it looking brand new.

In fact, even with the severe impact of a powerful 12 pound bowling ball released from three feet in the air, the iPad remains completely untouched and in perfect working condition.

The iPad G-Form Extreme Sleeve can be purchased for a price of just $59.95 on the G-Form website and is available in black or yellow colours. These colours help to create a kind of aesthetic that mirrors something from the X-men or another sci-fi film.

Indeed, on first impression, the Extreme Sleeve can appear like some kind of folded-up uniform fit for a superhero. Although it may appear to resemble more of a plastic material, in terms of strength the product is as strong as a rock.

All in all, with the iPad G-Form Extreme Sleeve, there is no need to buy an iPad case, nor should anyone need to squash it into their rucksack. The product offers value for money and can be used as an effective guard against even the most damaging environments.

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