Zipbuds G2, Tangle Free Earphones


Zipbuds G2 Blue BlackOK, please zip it and take a look at this nifty little product, especially if you are the upwardly mobile type who loves to listen to music or any audio whilst on the go.

The use of earphones, earpieces or earbuds, whatever you’d like to call these, is common placed these days and long gone are the times when the only option available were huge, clunky and uncomfortable head phones, with lengthy trailing wires.

Unless you have wireless options though, the plague of problems that wired ear pieces can still cause is pretty prevalent; leads can get caught in objects, hair, ears and sometimes can even attempt to garrotte the wearer!

The Zipbuds are here to change all these wiry problems as the ingenious manufacturers understand only too well the difficulties that ear piece leads can cause. The clever ‘zipping’ action that the Zipbuds offer will appeal to many and their easy to use and light zipper pulling mechanism will delight wearers.

The trendy looking Zipbuds also come boxed with top of the range 11mm drivers and give the listener a brilliant experience, all while staying pretty fashionable and providing a quality of sound that competes against even the biggest brands on the market.

The new range of Zipbuds has been improved from previous generations in the same family and these pieces are around twenty percent less heavy than previous models and are constructed with aluminium in a design that will hold itself easily in the owner’s ears.

They won’t obliterate your finances either, as the $39.99 cost can enable purchasers to get their ear lobes around a pair in available colours of white & pink, blue & white, black, pink & black and other combinations on the market which will also be boxed up with a pair of sweat resisting Sport Ear Clips for the keen athletes amongst us.Zipbuds G2 Pink Blue Black

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