Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer using Ultrasonics


Tug Preventing Dog TrainerMany dog owners will have experience of tugging dogs or new puppies that are endlessly giving their tired arms a workout whilst they enjoy regular walks out. If you can talk from experience, or currently are battling with the issue of dog training, this gadget might be for you.

New puppy walking often calls for the owner to double-back often in an attempt to keep the pup behind them at all times, instead of charging ahead – yanking is most definitely out. Problem is though, going around and round in circles to ensure your dog remains behind is often quite dizzying as well as it leaving the local neighbours in a perplexed state!

The Tug-Preventing Dog Trainer is here to change all that and with a price tag that won’t bust the bank, its $40 cost will enable animal owners to purchase a device that’s been built using ultrasonic technology.

Easily attached as an additional piece that is fitted as a section within the dog’s lead and end collar piece, an integrated speaker system will then activate on the resulting ‘tug’ pressure sounding an ultrasonic tone.

Built on the ‘association’ system that Pavlo first discovered, the ultrasonic gadget will train your dog not to pull on the lead which also becomes louder in sound when harder yanks are initiated.

In theory the volume-controlled ultrasonic sounds that will occur (inaudible to humans) during tugging instances will hopefully dissuade your four legged friend from causing a shoulder dislocation over time.

Easily run the gizmo by popping in a duo of AAA batteries which could need replacing quite often depending on resulting use on walkies!

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