iKurv Dock for your iPhone / iPod


iKurv iPod/iPhone DockCurvalicious is in Apple loving friends! If you’re seeking something quite striking, different and dare we say it, bordering on the eccentric, then the iKurv iPod/iPhone dock could be just the bit of speaker kit you seek.

These iKurv speaker offerings from the design team over at Speakal come ready and available to kit any iPhone or iPad out with a 20 watt speaker output as they gracefully curve around your pride and joy, playing your paired gadget’s music library.

Glow in the dark or light up your day as the integrated blue strip of light that emits from the front of the iKurv is more than just a tad Star Trek and will undoubtedly add a touch of Jean Michel Jarre to any home based light show.

The horn-of-plenty iKurv iPod/iPhone dock technology can also give simple connectivity with any TV, MP3 or Gaming Console too, so it seems that those who aren’t in the Apple fan club can also benefit from the surprisingly loud sounds that the speakers produce.

For extra privacy an integrated 3.5mm plug for headphone or ear bud use will enable you to keep the neighbours happy, but this bit of kit is probably best optimised for Apple products as resulting use with non-Apple technology can produce quieter sounds over ear pieces.

Also boxed up with a remote control that is wirelessly operated, a pausing and play on demand feature is included and it’s also possible to adjust the blue ‘Star Trek’ light on the front of the unit to a level that’s desired.

Not overly expensive either as the iKurv will set the bank account back a figure of around $80, but it’s only going to be on the shelf in its current black design, so colour seekers look away now!iKurv iPod/iPhone dock

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