Ferrari F1 Wheel from Thrustmaster


Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 WheelUnless you happen to be Jeremy Clarkson presenting on the likes of Top Gear or an infamous F1 racing car driver such as Michael Schumacher, chances are you’re not going to get your mitts on the steering wheel of a Ferrari in your area soon.

Not entirely out of reach to mere mortals though as the F1 motor sport has driven many new car based technologies that the average driver on the street can now use, including anti-locking braking systems (ABS) and flappy paddle gear boxes.

For those who’d prefer to go all F1 in the comfort of their own homes, then the Ferrari F1 Wheel could be the bit of kit you seek. In days gone by the use of joysticks, joypad, roller balls, or tracking devices have all been used in an effort to make pairing between human and racing car game a slicker and more enjoyable experience.

It has to be said though that the best way to control a car game is by a realistic car accessory and the Ferrari F1 Wheel provides just that option.

This is an engaging way to interact with your chosen racing entertainment all via a life-sized Ferrari 150° Italia wheel, designed just for racing and it can be simply connected to a T500 RS wheel base when required.

The Ferrari 150° Italia can produce power and exact qualities that are needed during game play and when it’s placed on the T500 RS base it enables owners to make an investment in the variety of wheels that can be purchased for use in a whole selection of races.

The Ferrari wheel is also kitted out with metallic reinforcement, rubberised grip features, and integrated systems from available buttons and switches.

Available during October 2011, the wheel isn’t going to cost as much as the Ferrari that’s for sure and the price of $200 will make this an entertaining solution for many car racing game drivers!Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Box

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