iPad Music Recording with Sonoma GuitarJack Model 2


Sonoma GuitarJack Model 2For guitarists everywhere, the launch of the innovative Sonoma GuitarJack Model 2 is going to get your fingers a plucking, your chords a strumming and your mouth a humming!

This inventive technology is going to allow those who are glued to their guitar in the laborious work of composition the opportunity to record new ideas and masterpieces whilst on the move without the need to have a laptop glued underarm.

Those who have ever tried to use a gadget’s built in microphone piece will often experience sound recordings that include all kinds of unwanted noises and background interference which could range from somewhat annoying, amusing, or to downright frustrating.

Here to save the day though is the triumphant Sonoma GuitarJack Model 2 which easily slots into any existing iPhone, iPad or iOS gizmo and gives instant plug ‘n play capability. It transforms a device into an instantly available recording studio that won’t cost the earth to book either!

The cleverly fitted piece of the Sonoma GuitarJack Model 2 has an integrated set of various input sockets all with varying sizes, so plugging in a microphone, guitar cabling, headphones or earpieces is going to be quick and easy.

The technology comes with a pre-bundled set of apps on offer that helps apply modifications to tonal quality required and enables the user to record direct singing or playing straight to a device.

Available at a specially discounted price on launch, get your hands on this kit at around $150 quickly as it could well be priced at $200 in future.Sonoma GuitarJack Model 2 iPhone

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