JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth Speakers


JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth SpeakersIf you like listening to your sounds whilst travelling and can’t bare to be without your favourite music collection in an audible format, then the JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth speakers could be just the solution you’re looking for.

Perfect for parties, get-togethers, soirees, weddings or just music for one (or two!), these $200 priced bits of kit are easily operated simply by bunging in a quartet of AA batteries.

Don’t fret though if you’re worried the batteries are soon going to conk out, as the speakers also come bundled with an adapter of AC design which will enable connection to the everlasting mains supply.

The tasty looking JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth speakers easily pair up with the many Android devices on the market at the moment and with Apple’s iPad, which will give instant connections to music libraries on board portable hardware.

Some accessories though for instance might well be associated for use with specific technology only, so check this out first (for example, the iPad stand designed for table top use).

Those on the move won’t be weighed down too much by the kit on offer either as the entire package is just over one pound in weight and will deliver an impressive range of sounds via a complete 360 degree output.

The speakers do this through the computer enhanced neodymium transducers which even have an integrated microphone piece which turns them into a skilful speakerphone function, all wrapped up in the innovative, but sleek design on offer.JBL On Tour iBT Bluetooth Speakers

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