Amazing Waterfall in Osaka, Japan


Amazing Waterfall in Osaka, JapanThis waterfall is unlike any other I have seen, it manages to produce a mesmerising display of art through the use of computer controlled streams of water. The guys at KOEI Industry have also used clever lighting effects to help illuminate the falls.

The magnificent spectacle can be seen in the South Gate Building, which is part of a shopping complex and the station in Osaka, Japan. It’s aptly named the Osaka Fountain. This special waterfall has been striking to kids and adults alike; they stand and watch as the streams of water elegantly fall displaying beautiful floral patterns.

The unique falls can also display the time and the words ‘Osaka Station City’. These effects have been made by a local company named KOEI Industry whose ethos is to guard and protect the wonderful gifts of our planet. I think this display is a great reminder of nature’s powers and our creativity.

It would be fantastic to see more of these waterfalls; hopefully they will be coming across to the USA and Europe.

I wonder if it would be possible to have a smaller scale version, I would love one in the house; it definitely beats my oil lamp. It would have to be a fairly large as the words, numbers and patterns are formed as they fall.

I would also like to know if it’s easy to create new patterns, do they have some sort of converter program for new designs?

Here is a video of the waterfall showing off some of its displays:

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