Adidas Adizero F50 Football Boots Have a Mind of Their Own‎



Adidas Adizero F50 Football BootsSo, if you’d like to bend it like Beckham or kick like Kevin Keegan, the super dooper Adidas Adizero f50 football boots might well be just what you’re looking for to slip footie feet into.

Smart capabilities are available within a massive amount of technology that’s available today and football boots can now be included within that Holy Grail of members.

Adidas is now enabling the humble amateur or professional footballer on the turf with the opportunity to have technology which is decidedly smart within its 2011 release.

The Adidas team have enabled the boot to function as a superbly kitted out training accessory that empowers players who wear the footwear to intelligently keep an eye on player performance and their overall output.

All kinds of interesting, geeky and informative statistics can be provided by the Adidas Adizero f50’s. Info about speed, maximum speed, sprint numbers and distances which are normally covered and over higher intensities or time taken can be neatly plonked into available computer based software.

After the game is finished, players can kick the boots from their heels and relax while the wireless connection pairs up to the chosen technology data cruncher of choice.

This is as gracefully done as Maradona’s hand of god handball foul via the integrated compartment in the Adidas boot that contains a high-tech miCoach Speed Cell as well as the needed memory power to retain all crucial data that might be required to analyse in future.

Whether this further refines the footballing pro or can give added benefit to the Saturday morning footie enthusiast, check back soon to see whether it’s a draw, win or will go to extra time!

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